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The big step I have done

Taking legal action against someone I used to love is the biggest leap I have ever done. Fighting for what is right and fighting for the welfare of my children. It may seem unjust to others (especially my in-laws), or … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: I Am a Rock

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SELF.

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Daily Prompt: Help!

Help can come in different form. Always it is easier to give help than ask for it. In work, the help I usually ask is the “how to”. It is like asking someone to teach me how to do the … Continue reading

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“My closest friend is 3 months pregnant”.

DAILY PROMPT: A FRIEND IN NEED “My closest friend is 3 months pregnant”. So what if she is 3 months pregnant? Every woman is possible to get pregnant. What’s the big deal? The thing is she’s not married. Again so … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Memories

38 years ago a child was born. 38 years after, that child is a successful career woman now. Today May 22, marks her 38th year on earth. Thanking God for another year of wisdom. The gift that I have received … Continue reading

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trim down plan – week1 (day2)

DAY 1 survival mode. I’m happy to say that I survived a day without eating rice the whole day yesterday. It’s a start for me because I usually have migraine when I skip meal especially the rice part. I guess … Continue reading

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Love definition depends on the upbringing and perception of one person. Everyone has its different version. Everyone has its own meaning on it. One might think its love but for others it may seem not love at all. For me … Continue reading

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Second time around

I’ve started to like reading novel when I was still a teenager. I remember my first novel was given by my aunt. She gave me 3 novels fit for teenagers like me that time. The novel was from sweet dreams … Continue reading

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Person, Place, Thing “Welcome to our canteen”

Every day I go to this place to eat; for 15 long years. It’s not that I love it so much here. It’s just that the place have become my second home during my stay in the company. The people … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t want to deal with my imperfection on this topic. What I want is to tackle how to deal with it. So please allow me. Everyone has its fault. Ever heard of “Only GOD is perfect”? Are you GOD? … Continue reading

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