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Korea P2k17 (10 Days ITI)

wandering mom with kids adventure in korea winter wonderland Continue reading

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DIY Halloween Birthday Party

Xander’s spooktacular trick or treat birthday celebration…. Nov. 3 marks my son’s 7th birthday. The date fall on weekday so i decided to celebrate it 3 days in advance, Saturday Oct. 31. Since it is Halloween season I have planned … Continue reading

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What to wear in Mt. Pulag

LAYERING… One word that came to my mind when I decided to climb Mt. Pulag. Some fellow climbers told me that it can get as low as negative temp atop this mountain. As I don’t want to get hypothermia, I … Continue reading

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I survived Mt. Pulag – A holy week penance

Mt. Pulag, 3rd highest mountain in the Philippines. At 2922 meters above sea level, it is the highest peak in Luzon. It gained its popularity because of its majestic sea of clouds and the milky way galaxy at dawn which … Continue reading

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The big step I have done

Taking legal action against someone I used to love is the biggest leap I have ever done. Fighting for what is right and fighting for the welfare of my children. It may seem unjust to others (especially my in-laws), or … Continue reading

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Lord, help all those Filipino people who have survived the nature’s wrath Give them strength and more will power to stay focused and unscathed That may they see light in every sleepless and gloomy night And may they see hope … Continue reading

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The adventure of sosyalerang julalay

Definition of terms Sosyalera – socialite Julalay – assistant of assistant of assistant Sosyalerang julalay is the name I want to use on me outside the company premises doing office work.  I have chosen sosyalera to identify myself because I … Continue reading

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