DIY Halloween Birthday Party

Xander’s spooktacular trick or treat birthday celebration….

Nov. 3 marks my son’s 7th birthday. The date fall on weekday so i decided to celebrate it 3 days in advance, Saturday Oct. 31.

Since it is Halloween season I have planned to have a Halloween theme for the party. I did not intend to celebrate it in Jollibee or McDo for the reason that my son Xander is not very fond with mascots. I know almost all the kids love Jollibee and who doesnt? (Xander of course). Even myself loves Jollibee mascot. But for some unknown reason unfortunately Xander cringed every time he saw the mascot. Anyway we did celebrate his 1st birthday in Jollibee so i guess that’s enough for him

So, on with the preparation and planning. Months before his actual birthday i am already busy scouring the net. At first i planned on doing a LEGO theme party but was later on changed it to a Halloween theme party.

First stop, birthday cakes. There are lots and lots of Halloween birthday cake design in the web but its hard to find a cake decorator for real especially if it is customized. Aside from the cost, the available design is not to my liking. After all Halloween party is not a very common celebration for a birthday in our culture. But I wanted Xander’s birthday to be different and unique and so I have come up with the trick or treat birthday bash.

I think I have talked to at least 10 cake decorator who can be a good candidate for my design before I finally settled to one. The best part of it was that they also offer photo booth and balloon decors. Aside from that their location is just blocks away from our area.

The sample cake and cupcakes. CaptureI have made some modification on the cake though.  I asked if they can insert some ghosts and here is the result. Photo credit to MomDadzcakecupcakesSo cute!  I couldn’t be more happier when I saw the actual.   As a precaution so as not to attract bugs or any flying insect around these cute little one I did buy cupcake holder and the result is so good looking…12211019_1049301328436827_1342626394_oHalloween theme design I made sure that all the colors are in sync with the Halloween theme so what I did was I put orange, purple, white and black combination for all my party essentials. Photo credit to MomDadzballoon setupdecorInvitation, bday tokens and loot bags. For invitation I’ve found a cute design from the internet and opted to give it a try. Materials can be easily bought in any crafts store. For the envelop I printed out a small note and just paste it at the back.invitation

Same with the loot bags. I just used brown bag and stick the thank you note on it.Loot bagsThe photo booth layout…20151030_125240Xander’s costume as green Ninjago Lloyd  A week before the event I am still looking for the celebrants’ dress. Initially Xander doesn’t want to wear costume, but I told him that all his guests are gonna be wearing one and he needs it too because there will be a parade for the trick or treating afterwards. Since he likes Ninjago I tried to look for a ninja costume. Unfortunately Xander is too big for his age almost all the stores I went to are either out of stock or the large size is not large enough for him to try 😦

So off to my DIY strategy. My first attempt is a total failure even the celebrant don’t want to become ninja anymore. sad face3 days before the date I am already at my lowest esteem because I am still not making any progress with my DIY costume. Thanks for my bff’s coaching and guiding I finally realized my mistake in getting it all done.costumeThe final costume which the celebrant is too happy to wear and doesn’t want to take off even after the event.costume1The Photographer I made this last minute decision to hire a professional photographer. Though there is also an available photo booth for the guests.  In all the pandemonium activity during the party proper I know beforehand that I needed someone that can capture all the memories from start to finish, pre and post. And since my fund is already on its limit I have to find one that would not hurt my wallet. I guess luck is on my side because I happen to stumble an old friend in FB and turned out he’s a photographer by profession and  he even gave me 50% discount for his service!collage1collage3collage2Other Essentials The food, one of my office mate’s business is catering.  I just ordered food from them.  I then asked Xander’s previous nanny to be the food keeper.  I rented chairs and tables.  For the event place, as you will notice it is just outside our house,  I occupied the whole road  🙂

Well, that sums up my DIY preparation for Xander’s birthday….

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