What to wear in Mt. Pulag

LAYERING… One word that came to my mind when I decided to climb Mt. Pulag. Some fellow climbers told me that it can get as low as negative temp atop this mountain. As I don’t want to get hypothermia, I started googling the net on ways to prevent this. Upon searching I found out that the best way to overcome cold weather is by way of LAYERING.

This process is very effective if you want to survive during your stay atop this mountain. Be mindful also that when you layered your clothes make sure to use the proper cloth material.   The thing is even if you layered 3 or 4 types of dri fit clothes or just an ordinary shirt and jackets it will not warm you overnight.

LAYERING means wearing multiple sets of clothes one on top of the next with the right fabric that will keep you warm all throughout your overnight stay. Remember that in Mt. Pulag, weather is unpredictable.

Let me share with you the clothes I have used that helped me conquered the 6ºC temperature. It may not be as cold for others but for me any temp below 20ºC is way too cold for me.

top layer

You would notice that I’ve put a number on it. The number represents the sequence in wearing them.

  1. Dri fit shirt – this serves as the base layer. It is the first set of clothes you have to wear of course aside from your underwear before that :). It will keep you dry from perspiration and will not cling to your skin on your hike.
  2. Thermal wear – your 2nd  layer.  Thermal cloth serves as an insulation to help retain the heat in your body (it basically trap the heat in your body).

thermal wear3.  Mid-layer same as thermal wear, also trap heat into your body. It can either be a fleece jacket, a heattech type clothes or a down jacket. Notice that the fabric of jacket is sort of the same as that of my thermal wear.


4. Outer layer – since my mid layer can absorb the wetness, I have to use one more set of layering that will protect me from wind, rain and/or wet part of the mountain. Below is the jacket I have worn. Take note that it says water proof and wind proof.

outer jacket

The thermal, fleece and waterproof jacket all three of them I bought in UKAY-UKAY store. Waterproof jacket I chance upon on the day of the climb, lucky me 😉

The next sets of clothes are protection for your lower part. Same with top layering, your bottom consists of 3 – 4 items, I used 3 items.

bottom wear

  1. Base layer – leggings to keep you dry, this will also serve as your outer wear on your way down.

2. Mid layer – thermal leggings. I have been buying clothes in preparation for my Korean trip. Some of them consist of pants and leggings that can withstand the cold weather in Korea. I bought the thermal leggings online in aliexpress.com in time for the climb.

thermal leggingsthermal leggings1

If you are skeptical about buying online you may visit DAISO Japanese stores. I saw leggings there with same material as that of the item I bought online and it only costs P88 each (which I bought 2 pcs)

This is the item I bought online which is the same material I saw in DAISO.

thermal leggings daiso3.  Dri fit jogging pants which I also bought in UKAY to protect you in case its rains.

jogging pants

Aside from the top and bottom wear there are other accessories that you also need to consider wearing. Here below are some of those paraphernalia used.


Footwear – 2 sets of socks. I learned that socks made of wool are the best type of sock material for cold temperature. Same with thermal wear, wool socks retain heat and it can also repel water.

Hand warmers – I borrowed gloves to a fellow mountaineer, aside from that I knitted hand warmers made of crochet yarn which I find warm enough for my hands (this is also in preparation for my Korean trip but has been very useful during the climb).  Your hands will turn to violet and you won’t feel anything on them if you don’t wear hand warmers during your summit.

Russian head cap – during our DENR registration there is a store that sells different types of hat. I bought the Russian type of head cap as present for my son and thought it would look cute on him. I tried it on my head and felt the warmth it brings in my ear and decided to wear it during the summit.

Neck and mouth warmer – is also very handy especially for wiping out the liquid coming out of your nose if you can picture what I mean hahaha 🙂 ! You wouldn’t feel that something is going down your nostrils when you’re up there.

neck and mouth

Well that sums up the sets of clothes I used in Mt. Pulag.  Hope this article help you be prepared on your climb.


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