The adventure of sosyalerang julalay

Definition of terms
Sosyalera – socialite
Julalay – assistant of assistant of assistant

Sosyalerang julalay is the name I want to use on me outside the company premises doing office work.  I have chosen sosyalera to identify myself because I am not used to entertain or meet people and julalay to remind me that I’m there to work and not to mingle around.

Previously I have blogged about my new job as the executive assistant to our Operations Director.  That was just phase one of my new role, mostly office work related.  Phase two of my job is doing work outside the comfort of my four sided cubicle thus sosyalerang julalay. 

As part of my professional development I have to undergo training and mentoring.  That training started last Monday in the General Management Meeting or GMM as we call it.  In GMM all the managers, senior and junior leaders meet to reflect on the previous year achievement and activities done and also to discuss the future plans and goals of the coming year.  As part of my training my role is to assist in the preparation of the event and oversee the things needed during the actual activity which will commence in one of the hotels in the city.

The day before the GMM we need to check in the hotel to supervise the  preparations like the stage,  table settings,  technical matters (sounds, lights, projector).  So this means that I have to leave the children for a night and not sleep with them which is a first to my son (one of the disadvantages of being an EA).

There are 3 of us who met at the hotel me, my mentor, and her assistant.   Since I am in training I have to assist the assistant thus the julalay part.  The trip going to the hotel is not that hard because there are many ways to travel.   Thanks to a blogger named Lagalag for his very informative website.

The hotel is great, considered as 4.5 star; one of the many first that I may have to experience on this job I guess.  Here is the room that we have occupied on our sleepover.


This pool is on the 2nd floor, unfortunately we have no time to loiter since it was already late and we have to wake up early.


Dinner time, they opted to eat in a Japanese restaurant although not a first for me I can say I have managed considering the use of chopsticks (ouch!)


Morning came, the attendees have arrived, there are about more than a hundred of us at the event.   My designation was to give complimentary ticket for the early bird.

Morning snack was served around 7:30 then the program proper followed through.   We had our lunch at the adjoining ballroom. It was Roasted fillet of sea bass which is basically composed of fresh herb and potato galette, seafood bouillabaisse sauce and the dessert was Espresso infused tiramisu with crunchy ladyfingers.  

Had I lived here I surely wouldn’t worry about my diet and weight 🙂


Even though my feet,  legs, and thighs ache for standing and walking every now and then to see things and in  assisting the guests for their needs , overall it was a great experience for me.


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