The job of an executive assistant

It was December of 2012 when our Operations Director called me for a talked about his plan of having an executive assistant on his side. As he go along with the plan he then told me that he is eyeing me for the position. Of course I wholeheartedly accepted it without even asking him why me? The job is totally different from my current position that year and that I don’t even have a proper training of being an EA.

21233558-woman-in-hurry-with-coffee-cup--cartoon-business-vector-characterFrankly speaking I’m not sure what the job is all about but I said yes nonetheless. All I know is that the position is some kind of an errand girl to some executive person.

They do petty things like:
• Copying and printing of documents needed for the presentation.
• Make some phone calls and cancel some.
• Prepare coffee in the morning and one in the afternoon or whenever your boss feels like drinking.
• Prepare notes during meetings, schedule meetings and sending minutes of the meeting.

One of my colleagues even told me that an EA is sometimes perceived as a GOFER.

I thought “Excuse me? What the fuck is a go girl?”

Gofer is someone who “Go For this”, “Go For that” she added that’s why they are called Gofer, got it?

Well, not much of a difference from what I have in mind.

But after 3 months on the job I began to look differently at the role of an EA. Their job and responsibility is not limited to being just an errand person. Their task is not all for the GOFER things as an ordinary person would see.

It is a common misconception that an EA’s role is a very easy job that anyone can do which now I totally disagree. There are certain qualities that only a qualified EA should have all the time. These are just some of the qualities that I am starting to learn along the way.

•Keep all confidential matter confidential
Sitting on this position, I am placed at the center of business dealings and communication inside the company. As an EA I do not have the liberty to tell my BFF all the information that I have gain. I am in actuality signed an imaginary NDA to my boss when I accepted the job.

•Can easily adapt to change every now and then
I have learned during our previous meetings that nothing is final until it’s final. Period.

At the end of the day it’s not about sending minutes of the meeting, making coffee or copying of files. I now understand it better that

I am here to:
• Ensure that my boss’s time is well conserved to do more meaningful things. Meaningful things that make the company grow.
• Provides a bridge for smooth communication between my boss and his senior management team.
• Help promote our company’s corporate image internally and externally.

As I go through this journey, I know that I still have so much to learn. I haven’t even discovered theEY-Office-Girl-Clip-Art advantage and disadvantages of this position but I am sure I would enjoy this new path of adventure!


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