The boy I used to have a crush on

Weekly Writing Challenge: Backward

In response to the weekly writing challenge “Backward” let me take you back in time, in one episode of my adolescent years.

A long, long time ago there was a boy I used to have a crush on. He was the very first guy that took my breath away (literally). My old friends know my feelings for him and they would often tease me about it whenever we saw him in the corridor decades ago. I remember those days of excitement, the feeling of being swept away by just being near him, the fast beating of my heart.

The time came when I had to leave the branch and be transferred to a place away from him. I was one of the first batches of operator to be assigned on the new facility in Cavite. I was saddened but not as heartbroken for I know that I am going to see him again in the future.

One evening during my night shift on board the elevator with friends I thought my eyes were deceiving me for I saw him rushing to get in. Literally in Filipino lingo “nalaglag ang panty ko” (“my underwear fall off”, a Filipino expression) when I saw him rushing in. I have not heard that he was in the vicinity so I was really surprised to see him. Again, literally I tried to look for my “fall-off” undies on the floor and my co-workers who happen to know me started laughing hysterically because I kept on chanting “where’s my undies, where’s my undies!” while scanning the floor.

What a funny moment that day was. My friends and I kept laughing until he was out of sight. I wonder what my crush was thinking that night to have seen us laughing for no reason at all.

How fast time flies, 16 years have passed he is married now with his girlfriend then and aged not so gracefully. I could not even see the trace of cuteness and the handsomeness I saw before. The face that I have adored is now marked with fine lines of aging and of stress at work. I too happen to be married (to a jerk) but can proudly say that I have aged beautifully.

I don’t feel the excitement anymore. No more heart beating faster. No more electrifying and thrilling sensation as before. I guess my crush has wear off after the long years of not seeing him after that unforgettable night.

Those were the day of my youthful life. Not too exciting but memorable.


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