My Points of View on: “Janet Lim Napoles”

My POV for today is about a woman who uses her talent to manipulate some influential persons in the country. She was the talk of the town for the last couple of weeks. Yes Sir, Mam, she’s none other than Janet Lim Napoles.

Her name came about when an NBI rescued a certain man named Benhur Lim-Luy month of July. Upon investigation Benhur named Janet as someone involved in the P10-B pork barrel fund which is supposed to be used by NGOs (Non-Governmental Organization) she handles. Napoles was then scrutinized over the issue and during that time her phenomenal wealth started to come out.

Days after the scandal was heard, netizens were redirected to the post made by Janet Napoles daughter over her instagram account displaying how filthy rich they are and how lucky she is to have a mom like Janet Napoles.

Photo courtesy of:

Followed by the properties the Napoles has under their name. One of which is the 28 houses the Napoles own. Photo courtesy:


The house in LAPU-LAPU Street in Makati I believed is the one that houses some of her priest friend. The cars below aside from the Porsche her daughter poses are also one of the many luxurious things other people would want to have even in their dreams.

List of cars under Napoles Corporation are cited here:
The never ending list of Napoles fortune earned an outraged and angered millions of people from all over the country thus resulted to the “Million People March” protest held last August 26 calling for the abolition of the pork barrel fund.

This is one of the reasons why I avoid watching the news. Hearing and discovering an un-explainable fortune from some of the government officials which causes misfortune to millions and billions of people could make a low profile citizen like me puke. How can somebody elected by the people do atrocious things and not minding how it would affect those people who elected them? I am talking about the Senators, Congressman and other officials linked on this pork barrel scam. I blamed these government officials who have given Napoles the authority to plunder all the money coming from us! Who gave them the authority to sign any documents without first reviewing the details of such?

I can only think of the following things why they were manipulated by an old scheming witch like Napoles:
1. They are receiving a very huge as in H-U-G-E commission that can shut their mouth every transaction in the ghost NGO. Their eyes are shut closed when they sign the papers
2. They don’t have an idea that they are dealing with a very cunning person– which means their brains are smaller than a lizard (I can’t think of a smaller one, if you have any feel free to comment)
3. They are just a puppet being controlled by someone intelligent enough to persuade them (oh my! Guess budol-budol gang is in the house!)

Imagine how many lives you can save in P10-B?

How many typhoons have we encountered every year? An average of 20 typhoons hit our country on a yearly basis which claims hundreds of live and causes billions of damages. Yes! YEARLY! In that average there are always 1 or 2 hits that trigger disasters like landslides and flash floods.

Do you remember when Ondoy hit in Sept of 2009? Some of the affected towns are Cainta and Rosario.

The pictures below have some things in common. On the left, a family gambled their life on just a piece of roof under their feet which unfortunately got swept after passing the bridge when the San Mateo River overflowed, the bystander could only watch to their horror. While the picture on the right is taken during typhoon Labuyo, you will see a woman on top of her house. That’s right! It’s her whole house removed by the raging current caused by the overflow of Cagayan River.


Now, going back to the luxurious life of Napoles and compared it to the tragedies of these poor people. Imagine, the 28 houses which can accommodate the families being thrown by the raging river if not for her covetousness or the many expensive cars that are parked on the garage that can be used to buy lifesaving equipment like rubber boat if not for her thirstiness in money.

If only the P10-B were given to the right person, those families would have been alive today. Thousands of people would have been saved. But because of the greediness of some, many were killed. Because of the selfishness of others, hundreds have lost their homes and loved ones.

To all my fellow Filipino I commend you for helping these people. Let’s continue to be a good example to our lawmakers (which I think should be the other way around). Continue to be vigilant and observant, because in doing so we are telling our government that we are now awake and watching them from afar.


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