“My closest friend is 3 months pregnant”.


“My closest friend is 3 months pregnant”.

So what if she is 3 months pregnant? Every woman is possible to get pregnant. What’s the big deal? The thing is she’s not married. Again so what? Woman nowadays can get pregnant as long as they have a partner in life. You know…Someone capable of giving semen (if you know what I mean :)).

My BFF at first when she learned that she is going be a mother couldn’t be much happier. She is torn between morality and practicality. She was raised doing good thing, growing up helping people all in GODs name, never criticized, and always had kind words to say.

She is also nearing her 40th year in this world with just her mother and twin sister in tow. They do have cats and dogs (a lot of them) but no kids around. This prompted my friend to think and act in what I would call out of the box, out of her comfort zone world. Choosing between continuing to do Godly things all her life and ended up being alone. Or having a baby and becoming a mother for the rest of her life.

Deciding with the 2nd option is her choice which earned a big round of applause and a lot of “the hell with others or I don’t give a damn” advice from me. People often wonder about our friendship. We are totally poles apart (a very long, long, long pole :)). While she is a sweet talker whereas I am frank to the point of rudeness personality but we got along very well.

This sudden turn of event my friend is experiencing creates sadness and joy altogether. Conceiving a child is one of the happiest moments for us women but in her case she cannot get overjoyed without jeopardizing her family relationship.

At first there is this family clash the likes of “I’ll disown you if you continue this nonsense” or “the baby is fine but break up with the father” thing. There had been days of confrontations between sisters. Watching her troublesome face hurts me more. I only wish we have the same attitude towards life cruelties. As her good ally I can only give her advice, listen to her crying, console her and protect her from every back slashers’ around her.

But then again as I always believe and say “Everything happens for a reason”. After weeks of loneliness, quietness, stillness, my friend started to realize that life has to go on. She started to see things on a different eye level (and thank God for that!). For now she’s contented, at peace. Of course, there will always be trials to come (and who doesn’t have?) but she’s gonna overcome all that.

She can still do good thing, still help others along with her new reason to live, her child.


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2 Responses to “My closest friend is 3 months pregnant”.

  1. mithriluna says:

    She has a good friend in you. It’s hard to watch some of our friends (and family) make hard and maybe poor decisions, but as friends, we can lend our support and love even during the most challenging of times.

    • wanderingmom says:

      we can only give advice but still it’s their decision that will prevail. whatever choice they make, as friend, we support them (that is, after a lengthy and healthy argument) 🙂

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