What did your body says on your age?

6 months ago our company held a family outing called open house. On that day, there are lots of fun activities for the whole family to enjoy like face painting, mini playground for kids and photo booth. Also on one side of the court where we held the event, there is a line from medical personnel which they offer health consultation and age test. I of course went to check out the age test.

The procedure is so simple. The medic put a clip on my fore finger with a cable connected on the computer. You only need to inhale and exhale for 3 times which will last for about 1 minute. After that the result will reflect on the screen. That time about 6 months ago my age test result says my body is 1 year younger than my age.


Today, I have done the same test with the same procedure and the result was TADAAA! My body says I am 5 years younger than my age.

How good is that? 🙂


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