trim down plan – end of week 1

About a week now when I started to trim down 20lbs of my weight.

After 7 days I loose 5 lbs so I now weigh around 125lbs from 130lbs. Not bad for starters.

If I continue on this journey it would take me a month or two to reach my goal which is 110lbs.

This week I plan to include some exercises from my favorite fitness guru Cindy Whitmarsh. I have seen her on exercise tv and luckily I got hold of some of her videos that I have liked so far. That is what I am going to use to tone down the excess baggage around my tummy and arms.

Hopefully by 2-3 months aside from 110lbs goal I am adding a cut from my waist from 35-27 inch.

I can do this! AJA!


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