trim down plan – week1 (day2)

DAY 1 survival mode. I’m happy to say that I survived a day without eating rice the whole day yesterday. It’s a start for me because I usually have migraine when I skip meal especially the rice part. I guess it’s all in the mind huh! 🙂

Yesterday I’ve bloated myself eating 3 slices of watermelon, medium size and water lots of them and oh 2 pieces of bread.

DAY 2 I’ve jumped in the weighing scale first thing in the morning to check if something have gone out, it say 128lbs from 130lbs. I should be happy I think but It’s not what I’m feeling. Maybe because it’s still early in the morning that is why it says I loose 2lbs already. But I’m keeping my fingers cross, I still have 6 more days for week 1 to end.

For today I am planning on eating out veggies and bananas (nanat as what my 4 year old son would call them) and lots of water again.


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