Love definition depends on the upbringing and perception of one person. Everyone has its different version. Everyone has its own meaning on it. One might think its love but for others it may seem not love at all.

For me love is changing it’s not constant. It changes depending on the circumstances. Below are some of what I think comprises of love on the things around me.

This kind of love I consider as selfless act. It is the first and foremost on my list because I think that I lived and still breathe because of them. I wouldn’t mind having none of the luxury in the world as long as my children have adequate food on their plate. Or has proper clothes to wear. Or I wouldn’t mind being called a selfish daughter-in-law as long as my children are healthy and strong and grow up to be good person.

If ever my EX would have stumbled upon this blog of mine I’m sure he would have a fit and would definitely raise his eyebrows as high as the Mt. Everest because my definition of this is ACCEPTANCE. I accept the fact that after 10 long years I have learned that my EX does not love me the way I thought he did. And that’s all I can say to it.

. I am thankful because they are my parents. I grew up to be what I am today because of them. If I died and live again I would still choose them to be the one to raise me. They might not be perfect but for me they are superb.

A good listener and loyal being. If you are lucky enough to have met me your first impression would be BITCHY. The reason is that you might think I’m a snob when in fact I just don’t get too attached to someone I met just a minute ago. I don’t have many friends around me, I only have one BFF and that is enough. I do have many acquaintances but I only need one to listen on my grumpiness. I only need one true person who will listen and act as shock absorber of all the frustrations I have with me. Who can give good advice and ca be a good conversationalist of things that can help me survive the storms of my life. In return, I am a very true and loyal friend whom you can trust with even your very deepest, darkest secret.

Having encountered being in a one-way relationship I would love to be LOVED. Aren’t we all are wishing to be loved? I am longing for someone who would like me for me the real me; someone who would cross a thousand river just to be with me. And I am still hoping that one day I would be able to meet my prince charming.

I’m glad that this is one of the daily prompt this week because I too wanted to know what love really is. Do we share the same opinion? Do we agree at some point? Or do I have a very different understanding of it base on the things I just shared?


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