Near lost experience

This story is about the near lost experience with my son when we went shopping last Saturday.

Let me start by introducing him. See the pic? His name is Xander. He is now 4 years old.IMG_0033 Xander is a typical boy, always asking questions about anything he sees and anything he could think of. There was never a dull moment when he is around. He is friendly and cheerful. He also loves car and because of it that I am now writing this unforgettable moment.

It was just an ordinary weekend day with my children, we went out to buy school things for my eldest, Carla. We were in the shoe section on the third floor of the department store. The shoes section was positioned in between the toy area which is on the left and the bag section on the right. Carla and I was looking for black flat shoes while Xander was busy idling around beside me when his attention was caught by the bouncing ball being played by the male merchandiser. He went to check it out and was excited to see the glimpse of so many toys ahead.

Any toddlers’ boy or girl would love to be in the toy section not to mention even some adults too. Xander was very ecstatic when he saw the different kinds of toys his eyes land on. He had been bugging me to buy him new plaything (cars for one) for the past days. I heard his mystical high pitch voice calling me.

“Mommy!” He called out on his singsong voice.
“Cars Mommy! Lots of them!”
“Can you please buy me? Many, many!” My son knows how to say please.
“OK, after we buy the shoe” I said.

Then he run and went to check out the other stuff of the stall full of toys, I even heard him calling me “Mommy!” every 30 seconds or so. After a few minutes I was alarmed not to hear his voice. My daughter and I were now waiting for the ordered shoe she picked so I went to see where Xander was. I peered through every nook in the toy section but not a sight of him. I went back to where Carla was and ask if she saw his brother but she replied negatively. I told her to scan the toy section while I wait for the shoe. While she search I look over to see if she found him but to no avail.

That moment it struck me that my son is missing or was not in the toy area. I decided to ask the salesman around to see if they’ve seen a little boy, with fair complexion, and black shirt. Since it was crowded with children I thought that they might have seen lots of young boys with same identification as that of my son. I scanned again every isle way but this time calling out Xander’s name.

I guess my voice was loud enough to have reached out to Xander’s little ear because when I turned around I saw him standing on the other side of the mall, the bag section which is on the right side of the shoe section. Xander was standing there crying his heart out looking scared when he saw me. I thank heavens for the wonders because the pathway toward the bag section was not crowded it helped my little boy see me. Calling out his name and waving to him he ran towards me. When he reached me he embraced me hard as if telling me not to let him go and reassuring himself that he is safe. His crying was combined with hiccups. This is the first time that I’ve seen him cried with hiccups. He never did cry like that even when he does his tantrums before.

He must have run on the wrong side in his excitement to buy the new toys and when he could not find me and his Ate Carla, he just run off there looking at all the crowd’s faces in the hope to recognize us.

I on the other hand am very glad and relieved to see him of course. I hugged him tight and kissed him 414XDrmHU9L[1]and carried him even though my back bone will crack due to his weight but I don’t mind. I had been confident and not too careful into thinking that he was and is still just a boy, my little boy. I scolded him a little bit though for being careless also. I told him the consequences of his overexcitement and not minding my teachings of staying beside me all the time.

In return he got what he wanted, his new set of mini toy car.


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