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trim down plan – end of week 1

About a week now when I started to trim down 20lbs of my weight. After 7 days I loose 5 lbs so I now weigh around 125lbs from 130lbs. Not bad for starters. If I continue on this journey it … Continue reading

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A journey to freedom (part 1)

Originally posted on Everything under the sun!:
As of this moment I am in the process of procuring legal complaint against my husband whose philandering I could not take anymore.  We are not in good terms for over a year.…

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Bittersweet Memories

38 years ago a child was born. 38 years after, that child is a successful career woman now. Today May 22, marks her 38th year on earth. Thanking God for another year of wisdom. The gift that I have received … Continue reading

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trim down plan – week1 (day3)

Im still alive thank God for that. Nothing much to do. I ate pancake and egg at breakfast. Banana in between. Hotdog and pansit(thin noodle in Filipino cuisine) during lunch. Slice of watermelon. Lots of water, I was able to … Continue reading

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trim down plan – week1 (day2)

DAY 1 survival mode. I’m happy to say that I survived a day without eating rice the whole day yesterday. It’s a start for me because I usually have migraine when I skip meal especially the rice part. I guess … Continue reading

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trim down plan – week1 (day1)

Today i decided to trim down a little. Thanks to my sister for posting my pics in FB I saw myself clearly how ive grown for the last couple of months. Though I’ve been a constant person in the gym … Continue reading

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Love definition depends on the upbringing and perception of one person. Everyone has its different version. Everyone has its own meaning on it. One might think its love but for others it may seem not love at all. For me … Continue reading

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