Second time around

I’ve started to like reading novel when I was still a teenager. I remember my first novel was given by my aunt. She gave me 3 novels fit for teenagers like me that time. The novel was from sweet dreams collection. I still have it with me and hope my daughter will be able to read it too. From then on I started collecting novel books.

There are 2 authors that I have grown to love; they are SANDRA BROWN and MARTHA CECILIA. Of course not everyone else on the globe knows MARTHA but for Filipinos like me she’s a well-known author. SANDRA and MARTHA for me share the same style in writing.

Both of their works I have read a couple of times. Actually my EX used to brag me about it telling me I have already read it why bother reading it again. My reply was that I don’t get tired reading it over and over. I can’t help it! I love their works.

There is also this one time where I bought one novel of SANDRA online. After years ofadams fall
hunting it on every local bookstore I finally conceded that I couldn’t find it here. The title of the book is “Adam’s fall”. It’s a continuation of Sandra’s “Fanta C”. The books are a love story saga of two women who are sisters. I read Fanta C way back 8 years ago and It’s only last month that I got hold of its 2nd series “Adam’s fall”, finally I can say that I already have all of SANDRA’S novel (yehey!).

MARTHA on the other hand as I’ve said is a Filipino author. I also have a collection of all her KSwriting. Other friend of mine loves her worked too, sometimes we would swap whoever has the latest but unfortunately some have forgotten to return. That made me a little bit selfish on my collections to the point of me becoming an OCD. Some of her writings even made it to television which I don’t like because some scenes where altered. I prefer the books story more.

I also liked J.K Rowlings “Harry Potter” and also the immortal story of Bella and Edward of “Twilight” and the rest of its saga although I don’t have their book only its e-book version.

I do have lots of books at home but these authors are the most especial to me which I go back not only the second time around but whenever I feel like reading 🙂


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