Weekly Writing Challenge: Person, Place, Thing “Welcome to our canteen”

Every day I go to this place to eat; for 15 long years. It’s not that I love it so much here. It’s just that the place have become my second home during my stay in the company. The people who eat here are co-employees who opt to dine in instead of having lunch out to a nearby restaurant. A decade ago people who eat here are co-employees whom I personally know and whom are just mere acquaintances. But now around 3000 people sit here, of course with different time schedule. Some are managers who have their favorite spot on a corner near the door. You’ll recognize them immediately because of their formal attire. The male wearing their long sleeve neatly ironed with the edges popping up their sleeve while the female is on their best skirt and dress with matching scurf around their neck. Other group who’s also here are from engineering department, whose outfit depends on their area. The IT engineer, the development engineer, production engineer, migration engineer and so forth. While others are from the manufacturing area were mostly consists of operator and technician on their most casual wear; pants and shirts.

Picture215 years ago it only has one concessionaire, with only a few staff on it. The staff who wore dresses depending on the occasion. During valentines, they would wear red shirt. At Halloween, they would dress like vampires and ghost. And on Christmas the staff would wear Santa hats with blinking lights onPicture1 the rim. Having had 3000 plus employees the place have expanded and now has what we call the “Glorietta wing” part. It now housed 2 concessionaires where people could choose the type of food to eat.

Before we only hear the paging call or the radio station from our lobby’s main system. But now, there are 3 plasma TVs positioned; on the center, at the Glorietta wing, and on the corner part where we can watch the latest updates of the company’s struggle from our beloved CEO. Some co-workers celebrate their birthdays here while some invites us to give thanks for the blessing that come called “promotion” and to some a farewell party of a colleague who chose to be with other company that they think could give them a new and exciting opportunity aside from of course a bigger pay outside these walls. This is a self-service area; You need to bring your own tray and deposit it to the open shelves near the door after you eat. No waiter waiting to get your order. No standby staff to hear your every beck and call.

Welcome to our CANTEEN. A place too memorable to forget but easy to access.


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2 Responses to Weekly Writing Challenge: Person, Place, Thing “Welcome to our canteen”

  1. Lily Mugford says:

    Thanks for the glimpse into your canteen.

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