I wouldn’t want to deal with my imperfection on this topic. What I want is to tackle how to deal with it. So please allow me.

Everyone has its fault. Ever heard of “Only GOD is perfect”?

Are you GOD? If you think so, then you are IMPERFECT because you think of yourself as someone who is not. But that does not make you PERFECT at all; only a poor copycat, impersonator, or follower maybe?

How to deal with imperfection? Simple:



If everyone is perfect then I guess this world does not exist. There will be no kings, no president, and no leader. Either will there be slaves, subordinates, and supporters.

Everyone will be equal. Isn’t that BORING!? arguing peopleA world full of intelligent people, talking or arguing about world peace, because everyone would want their ideas be put in place. Duh!

I know it’s hard to accept. We all have our shortcomings. It’s definitely difficult to handle for some. But through imperfection we can learn new things which will eventually help us overcome trials or hardship along the way.

Now, wouldn’t that be PERFECT! 🙂


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Nothing I could put a name to... just wandering around for something....
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