DAILY PROMPT: THIRD FROM THE TOP “A man knocked on my door while peering into the sidelight”

As I was browsing through WP, I decided to take on a challenge. And the task was:

third from the top

Following the rule, I then go to the blogs I follow and scrolled down the third post.

The post was from don of all trades entitled “A time i hung with the son of god”.

It was taken and re-blog by mancakes.

Reading through it, the third sentence of the post was:
“A man knocked on my door while peering into the sidelight”.

I then continued to read on the entire blog to understand what the writer wants to convey. And I’m glad I did. The blogger deliver the message in a most comical way where every human being could say something, may they be believer or not.

“WOW!” I thought. The blog really hit its mark straight to my heart. I have been feeling down and low the past weeks. I have been waiting and thinking at the same time for the inevitable thing to happen. And frankly it’s kind of giving me some stress on my back.

That inevitable is related to my failed marriage life where I am stuck and can’t do anything except to wait. Of course for me, waiting is linked to mindless thinking of what will happen next.

Reading on this blog has given me something to think about other than the problem I am having over the past months. It made me realize that once in a while we need to have this kind of distraction to better understand the situation.

I am a believer alright that “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”.
I believe that the third from the top is meant for my eyes to see.

Me, reading the daily post today and stumbling upon it, getting the idea of creating work to write happens to be some form of GRAND DESIGN.


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Nothing I could put a name to... just wandering around for something....
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