Calaguas Part II

Last year my daughter and I went to Calaguas, an island in the northern part of Bicol.  It is a 7-8 hours of land travel from Manila and a 2-3 hours boat ride from Paracale port depending on the tide. 

This year, it was my little boy’s turn to see the big, big water as he fondly called it base on his favorite cartoon series “The land before time”.  My daughter was also with us of course.


Above picture shows my 2 kids looking for something on the shore 🙂

This time we went to Long beach as I’ve said in my previous post would be my next desitination.  On this part of the island there is this little mountain where you could climb for about 10 mins.  At the top you can see the whole stretch of the beach.


At sunset, you could just sit idle on the sand while watching the sun go down.




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