A brief encounter

This story happen about 2 or 3 months ago. 

That day was just one of the ordinary days where I usually take my children out.  I have planned to take them to a nearby mall.  Before heading on to the mall, we went to a dental clinic.  The clinic was a 15 minute walk beside the municipal hall.  While the children and I are walking, I noticed that there is a woman ahead of us with a child on her arms seated on the sidewalk, sort of like Pieta form figure.  When we reached her location I glanced at them and saw the woman’s face was misty.  I am not sure if it’s because of the hot surrounding or the humidity of the weather.  I even thought she was just one of the beggars that stray in the area.  So we’ve passed them and went straight to the clinic.  After 10 minutes we were heading down the road again because the clinic was jam packed I decided to reschedule.

On the way to the terminal, we have to walk back where the woman was sitting.  This time, I opted to stop and fully looked at the her.  That is when I realized that she was crying.  With the children on my side, I knelt in front of her and asked what is wrong. 

The woman’s watery eyes looked at me and said “My child is sick.  I need money for his medical”.

“Why?  What happen to him?”

“He slipped and his head hit the ground.  After that he was always sleeping.”

My heart went out to her.  Actually there is this uncomfortable feeling when we’ve passed them prior to clinic.  Maybe it was the mother’s side of me that was bugging me.

“Why don’t you go to PGH, I’m sure they can help you there”.  I said

“We’ve already been there but the doctor told me that they need to do some laboratory on him to better understand his condition and I don’t have money that is why we went home instead”.  The woman narrated.

I wanted to cry out with her, empathy is what I am feeling.  Knowing what if I am on her situation.  Lucky for me I’m a working mom where I have an HMO card from our company.  I don’t have to worry in case of emergency; though I do hope not to use the card.

During our conversation, some of the passersby look at us while some stop for a while and seemed concerned.  I thought what If I did not stop?  Will they stop and asked just like what I did?  Or will they continue on their journey not minding that someone on the side really needs help. 

You don’t have to give anything to someone you don’t know nothing about.  But by being there, giving concern, these kind of gestures other people are very gratefull to accept.  Because by doing so, they will think that they are not alone in this world.  And in doing something with the woman, I know I have taught my children a little good deed on their young mind.  I do know that someday they will remember the lesson in that brief encounter. 

I am neither a philanthropist nor a missionary but I do have feelings, instincts that I used once in a while in order to help in some way I can.


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