Movies children love to watch over and over and over….

Does your child watch movies over and over for a thousandth time? Do they laugh every time as though it was their first? Seeing children so well enthralled with anything not minding the surroundings around them makes me envy. Unlike us adults who were always on the lookout for something to happen. It’s refreshing to just sit in a corner and watch your children play. 

Well, my son is like that. He was always intrigued on anything his eyes land on, may it be as little as ant. I don’t remember the age he was when he started to appreciate the moving pictures on TV. All I remember was how good it was seeing him so engrossed by some of the scenes he’s been watching. His favorite that time was “Land before time”. As I recall he was fascinated with all the characters in that cartoon series especially “Petrie”. There is this one episode where the gang slipped on iced water caused by the changing seasons. How I loved hearing his singsong voice :), he watched the film many times but still laughs at it for the nth time!

Here is the video I have taken when he was just around 1 and half years of age.


And after a year, he’s still fascinated with it; the same scene, same character.



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2 Responses to Movies children love to watch over and over and over….

  1. Janet Tiong says:

    It’s one of my favorite childhood cartoons!

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