Giving Birth

I have always wanted to share my experience on this topic but I could not seem to find the right people to tell it with. But since I’ve already had my own blog, I might as well make it more informative in some ways. The reason I am doing this is to help women out there whom like me doesn’t have the slightest idea of what’s happening around the table and most importantly an hour or more before being delivered to the table.

You know when I first got pregnant with my eldest, I didn’t have someone to tell me what are the things to do during birth labor.  Not that I don’t have friends, sisters, cousins, or
even my mom and mother-in-law, it’s just that it does not occur to me to ask for their advice. So when it was my daughters’ time to see the world I don’t know how I’ve survived. All I remember that horrible day was the 2 assistants who was on my both sides, they were helping me push (literally speaking) my stomach. They were frantically speeding up the process because it was almost an hour ( I think) after my water broke. What then did I do all the time my tummy was aching? I was just crying… Yes, I was crying because all I feel was pain. The torture behind my lower back is all I’m minding at. I didn’t realize that I have to force the baby out of my body in order for us to live. Just imagine the stress I have given to the staff because when my daughter finally got out, her cord were already coiled in her neck. They just saved her in time… (thank you to the staff whoever you are!)

So when I learned the second time around that I will be having yet another child after 9 years; funny I thought that I will not bear anymore 🙂 silly of me… I am so used to having one child.  Anyways, so when I learned that I am pregnant again, I need to know the right attitude.  I’ve picked the attitude word because for me everything is easy with the right attitude.  My first step is of course was to asked.  There is one ally that I am comfortable firing questions at, it’s none other than GOOGLE :).  Google comes in handy all the time, you just have to be more attentive and watchful because it will give you several topics.

Okay, so without further ado, here are my summarized info on making your life easy when you are on this position.

During pregnancy  First, keep in mind that there is already a person inside you.  So you better eat the right food .  It’s not just the craving, you craves because your baby needs to be feed.  Of course you have to have your monthly check up with your OB-Gyne for your vitamins and to check if your baby is still breathing :).

There is also some forms of info Google gave me, if I wanted the gender of my baby to be correct.  Whether you want a girl or boy, it’s in the food you eat or the timing, they called it pregnancy calendar. I did the eating part information and the outcome was to my approval, I’m not sure if its true or its destined that I will be having a son.

Second, pregnant women are also allowed to exercise.  This will help you relieve the tension in your tummy when the time comes.  Make sure to put exercise in your schedule. For me, I make it a point that at least I do walking exercise even when my tummy is already in its full form.  My son was so big you could just imagine how large my tummy was but I still manage to make my routine walk.

Third, preparation.  Arrange everything that you might need during delivery.  This consist of toiletries (tissue, alcohol, diaper, wipes, oil, cotton buds, etc), light food (biscuits, cup noodles, instant coffee, etc),  milk, changing clothes.  Put it in a bag and placed it somewhere that can easily be seen.

The dreaded day!  Don’t be frightened by my words :).  You should be ready this time.  If you feel your tummy ache don’t get nervous, stay calm.  It’s hurting to inform you that your child is ready to go out.  Relax!  Inhale, exhale. Do this every time you feel the throbbing.  Don’t strain yourself, you need strength for the finals :).  At first, you can still bear the soreness.  Observe, be mindful of your pain.   The longer the pain is, the nearer your child is.  THINK of that.  When you feel the twinge, you should do the push thing but do not put all your power.  You will encounter several horrendous torture.  Lucky for me I feel it like 8 times (See! I know now what is happening around me).

Remember these things:

WHEN IN PAIN  make a push on your tummy.

INHALE! EXHALE!  You do this after your every thrust.  RELAX!  Get your strength back for your next round. 🙂

Remember that you are doing this for you and for your baby…

Good luck!


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