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Destiny or Fate?

I have always thought that everything happens for a reason.  We are here on earth because there is a purpose.  Others called it destiny while others called it fate.  We can fight it or we can live with it.  Whatever … Continue reading

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A brief encounter

This story happen about 2 or 3 months ago.  That day was just one of the ordinary days where I usually take my children out.  I have planned to take them to a nearby mall.  Before heading on to the … Continue reading

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beaded items

The following are my latest achievement.  All my creations are taken from a japanese pattern.   Sorry for the quality as this was taken using my low end cellphone.  Unfortunately my digicam broke 😦

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Giving Birth

I have always wanted to share my experience on this topic but I could not seem to find the right people to tell it with. But since I’ve already had my own blog, I might as well make it more … Continue reading

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Movies children love to watch over and over and over….

Does your child watch movies over and over for a thousandth time? Do they laugh every time as though it was their first? Seeing children so well enthralled with anything not minding the surroundings around them makes me envy. Unlike … Continue reading

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A journey to freedom (part 1)

As of this moment I am in the process of procuring legal complaint against my husband whose philandering I could not take anymore.  We are not in good terms for over a year.  We have not had a communication since … Continue reading

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