When is the TIME?

My friends asked me this simple question during my marriage life crisis.

“Given a chance, would you accept back someone who has hurt you and made you cry and take you for granted?”

I have been hurt.

I have cried a lot.

I have suffered.

I have been taken for granted.

I can list so many painful words, unhappy thoughts, or actions that have wounded me.  Would I accept him?

Today all I can say is NO. 

NO, because I’m still: 

HURTING…  The pain is still fresh. When I think of him all I could think of are the things  that he’s done and still continue to do as of this time.

CRYING…  For the way he treat my children.  He still doesn’t know how to become a good father.  For me being a good father is taking care of your children even if you don’t love the mother.  Being there for them, always asking how they are.

ANGRY…   Because of the way he treated me.  I have given all my money, effort, love for him but he has taken it for granted.  My life would have been easier and not painful had I seen some respect and love in return. 

Maybe someday will come where I will have to fully forget all of the anguish I am feeling now. 

But for today, I have to say is I can’t accept him. 

Not this time…


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