It’s the CLIMB!

There’s always gonna be another mountain.
I’m always gonna wanna make it move.
Always gonna be an uphill battle
And sometimes I’m gonna have to lose.
Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about whats waiting on the other side.
It’s the CLIMB!

People questioned mountaineer and the benefit they get out of that. They always ask: “What do you get out of climbing that is so excited and fulfilling?” In fact I too also asked that.

My BFF is fond of climbing mountains. Her answer to the question is this “When I am on top of the mountain it’s different. I feel all the stress of a weeks’ work goes away. It’s like a medicine wherein, in order for the relief to come you have to be on top”

She always invites me to her escapades but I always decline. I don’t see myself doing it. For me climbing is just a waste of energy. But I thought wrong!

The first time that I’ve conceded to my friends’ request was when she asked me to come with them in one of their outreach mission. You can check out my blog on that one.

After that, another mountain came, and then another, and then another, and so on and so forth…

A typical mountaineer would answer the question with the same reply:

“You can’t explain the feeling, its different!”

As for me, my answer to that question is centered AFTER making it on top and not WHEN I am at the top.

I don’t know if someone out there who will coincide with mine; the effect on me is the feeling AFTER climbing. The heavy burden of my muscles, the pain I feel all over my body. The thought of not wanting to go to work because I ache all over I can’t even walk!

Masochistic it may sound, but that’s what I like most in climbing. The achy feeling all over which you cannot get from any form of exercise or workout just in one day! I realized that climbing uses all parts of your body from head to foot.

I feel satisfied and satiated the next morning. A day in the gym doesn’t give me that satisfaction. YES! SATISFACTION!

The feel of pain and the throbbing of my muscles are the reason why I now consider myself a mountaineer. The scenic surrounding only placed second to that. 🙂
Below are some of the mountains that I have conquered so far.

My first mountain…

And the mountain after that…

And after that….

This is my latest climb just last week.  This mountain is the same mountain above, the foggy one.


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