You can’t put a good man down

It takes a lot of trials, sufferings, hardships to make a man tough and strong. But what makes Manny Pacquiao special? I think it’s all in his genes and attitude. You can’t put someone down whose outlook in life is to live happy regardless of what problems may come. I see him as someone who shrug off at every struggles and think that everything has a solution.

I guess that is why when he was not named as the winner in his latest fight he did not went berserk or got mad at the judges. He accepted their decision and that makes him even more of a good fighter. He even smiled after that. The decision did not make him a winner but rather, it makes him more famous. He did not have to contest the unfairness of the verdict because people from the boxing world did the talking for him.

I believe he showed the world how to act humbly in times of difficulties. This is how we should face the obstacles that hinder our success. Manny taught us how to cope up with dignity, to handle the predicament with finesse and then fight with more aggressiveness in the future. 

And for that, I salute you Manny! May you continue to bring positive force to the people all around the globe! 



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