A lover’s dilemma

I’m writing this in a woman’s perception but it can also be a guide for guys out there. I’ve actually thought of this entitled as “A woman’s dilemma” but changed my mind.

For all of those who have encountered the struggles of being cheated by their loved one, I’m sure you have asked yourself one or two or maybe even more of these questions “What does she have that I don’t?” “What have I done wrong?” “Are you not happy with me?” “Have I taken you for granted?” “Does my nagging gets into your nerve?” “Am I not pretty enough?” “Am I boring you?” and so on and so forth.
And did you also ask him to choose between you and the other party?

Conceited it may sound; I am not one of them.

When I learned that my EX was having an affair, I did not ask him all the questions in the world. Why? At the start of our relationship I have given him my rules. One of them was about cheating. I said to him if ever I caught him having a fling or getting mushy to any other woman but me he will never see me or his children (but of course he can still see his children if he asked, I’m not that mean you know). He will never have to choose between us. I will give him his freedom and let him be.

One mistake is enough but to repeat it with yet another woman was something. It seems that he is not satisfied or is still looking for something even he doesn’t know. And I don’t want to live with that kind of person.

For me, loving someone means accepting the person including all of their shortcomings. Whatever inconsistencies you have he should be the one to fill it up to make you complete and you to him. It is the law of love. You are destined because you compensate each other.  If the one you love is cheating on you then it means he is looking for something that you don’t possess. And it will continue and repeat itself over and over because we are not 100% perfect. Everyone has its faults. That is your man’s main responsibility, to complete you, to fill the gap in you, to solve the missing piece in you.

So for those who were left behind, who think they are not worthy enough for their loved one, you might rethink again.

Because maybe it’s not YOU who‘s not worth it but HIM.


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