Calaguas Island Part 1

They said that Philippines have many things to offer and I cannot say a word to contest that.  It’s not that I am a true blue Filipina but because I have been to some of these wonderful 7100 island.

Just recently me, my daughter and my trekking friends went to Camarines Norte to see one of the beautiful island located there called Calaguas.

A week before going, I’ve asked Google what Calaguas looked liked.

The reason I asked Google of this place is because I want my daughter to come along with me.  She loves water.  In fact, when she was around 5-6 years old I enrolled her in a swimming lesson just to learn the basics.  Anyways, so I want her in.  The first time I told her that she is coming with me she said she don’t want to go.  My daughter is already in her early teens, 12 yrs old.  If you have children, you know what I mean.  At first I thought, let her think about it for a day.  So the next day I said it again and for the 2nd time she told me she doesn’t want to go.  I want her to come, for us to have a bonding time so that’s where Google came in.  I have to give her proof that she will not regret coming with me, that she will love the place.  The night before the trip she said, “Ok mom, I’m in.”

“YEHEY! Calaguas here we come.

I read in Google that there are 20 islands around it so I’m planning on exploring it all.  Calaguas is just one of the three known island, there is Tinaga island opposite mahabang buhangin beach (this is my next stop) , Guintinua Island and others that are not yet name (or maybe it already has a name but not yet known to someone like me).

Oh by the way, its Calagua not  Calaguas as some might think.  If you want to call it Calaguas it should be Calaguas group of Island.  I hope that makes sense 🙂

Till my next post, mabahang buhangin (my next destination)


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