let your blood flow

They say that donating blood cleanses your body. I’d say donating blood cleanses your soul. Why? Because when you donate your blood, someone or somewhere out there, your blood will save somebody. So in some ways you give them a second chance in life.  You help them recover and regain just by giving out your blood.  For me, it is the most humble way of reaching out to others.

Today is my first time to donate my blood.  Our company is frequented by the Red Cross 3 times a year.  Almost everyone in our company awaits this events.  I’m glad I was able to give this time.  The previous years prevent me from donating because of reasons like I just gave birth or I have a monthly period.  Some of my co-workers are cheering for me and giving kind words the first timer would want to hear.  While some are making fun not in a hurtful way but in a way that will boost my confident to pursue what I am doing.  All in all I had a fruitful day today and was in a good mood the rest of the day.

So to all the blood donors out there, please continue what you are doing.  Thumbs up to you guys…


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