Dream Mysteries

Have you ever experience waking up one day then realized that you had a dream and that you can recall every little piece of them? Everyday? And have any of that dream came into reality? They say that dream is just the opposite of what’s going to happen in real life. But for me they are NOT.

Mostly some of my dreams were true. It was kinda weird for me coz I always remeber my dream but I haven’t paid any attention to that before. It was just lately that I acknowledge it. You know, every time my dream came into reality I always thought that “Hey! Haven’t I seen this before?” or “I know this scenario, it’s like a dejavu!”

Let me tell you one that gave me the idea that they do come into reality. I have this particular dream about being in a place. It was kinda beach with some rocks like the picture below.

Exactly like that!  When I woke up, I just smiled because I thought “where in the world was that?  It was like watching a movie of  “Panday” where all you can see is the sand beach.  So I put that dream in the back of my mind.  Not paying much attention just like any other of my dreams.

And then my friend Lota invited me to a climbing mission.  She is one of ADTREK member.  ADTREK is a group of professional people whose objective is to encourage people to work in harmony with nature.  Anyways, so Lota invited me to their mission in Itogon Benguet.  And off we go.  After a 30 minute of walk I was shocked to see the surroundings, it was the carbon copy of my dream.  You know the beach with some rocks or so I thought.  I  was later told that it was a gold panning site. 

That’s when I realized that some of my dreams do come true.  Amazing!  Well, so much for my dream tale.  Let me continue my story on a different note.

My First Ever Climbing experience!

Lota said that it will only be 5 hours of straight walk.  Coz I am not into climbing mountain for crying out loud!  Me! I dont see myself joining mountain climbing group or any extreme adventure for that matter.  But she assured me that it was just walking and that I can compare it to a day of window shopping.  I said yes, after so many encouragement.  Only to be horrified because it was not 5 hours of walking at all!  It turned out that it was 3 hours of walking through rocky road and 3 hours of climb(for an average climber.  How long do you think will it be for me? I was like:  “Are we there yet?”  But in fairness to me I was able to keep up) and as we go further up it became even more hard coz the track is so steep and there  are’nt even a tree that you can rest on. You know what the funny part is?  Even the group was also surprised to learn that we are going to take a 3 hour trek and they are not even prepared.  Below is the picture of the track that we’ve conquered.

Beautiful isnt it?  When I first saw this pic, I was like “WOW! Is that my first mountain?  It looks like a wallpaper.”  And that my readers is the beginning of my first ever extreme adventure.


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