So much for my job hunting! In my previous blog, I wrote something about being hired for the first time. Today, I’m gonna tell you about my recent job/contract which I ended after 24 hours.

Well, the job is basically transcribing of video. Not so hard to do but I would not say the easiest. During the interview, he ask me what my rate would be for an hour of video. I said $5 (coz the one he’s interviewing is offering $7 he said so in his message). And that my turnaround time would be within 24 hours. He then hired me with an hourly contract (in my perception and understanding I thought that he hired me for a fixed rate). So he hired me and I have a contract. At first I did not notice that it was hourly rate and so I started the video and then I logged in the time. I just thought of logging so that my employer would know that I am working and not for any other reason. Just so he knows that I’m in. And so I worked for 3 hours, and then I notice that I have a message. It was from odesk congratulating me for my new odesk job in hourly rate. At that point I began to wonder. Because all along I thought the contract was for fixed rate. So I sent a message to my employer asking for clarification about the payment. I asked if he is going to give me $5 per hour of video or $2 per hour I worked as that is my rate. His reply snap me from wondering. He assumed that I was gonna divide my log in time to compensate the 1 hour video. In which I did not understand at all. I replied with all honesty that it is not my intention to overcharged him and would gladly accept if he withdraw the contract. But so much is at stake if he ended the contract. What if he gives me a bad feedback? That’s when  I thought to ask for help from odesk support team. I tried to contact someone from odesk and gave them my dilemma.  Sure enough! They did give an answer that will benefit the two of us (me and the buyer).  Thanks to OLGA by the way she is the one who answered and helped me with my problem.

My only regret for ending the contract is that it was the time for me to have my very first hourly performance.  But crap!  What a mess it was.  Im just glad that I ended my assignment.  Because thinking it now,  I’m appalled with  some employer who looks for a contractor that will accept their terms and then give them some very, very low rate.  I mean, if there are any experienced transcriber out there, is it acceptable to get $5 for a video of 1 hour?  You tell me coz I really don’t know… Is $5 an hour of video worth your time.  I mean, I did finish two of the video and it sums up to 30 minute.  You know what?  It took me 5 hours to get it done including proofread.  And take note it’s just plain English, non_medical.  So, I’m really asking advise from someone out there,  do I need to delete my transcription training as one of my skills?

Well, until someone tells me that it’s the standard rate for a transcriptionist, I’m not going to apply for such job posting.


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