My First Job at Odesk: “I’ve finally made it!”

After so many attempts at landing a job in Odesk, I have finally made it!  I have been a member in Odesk since April 24 but it was just recently that I was able to earn my dollar.  Sometimes you really need to be patient and wait for the right timing.  My first job is a copy/paste routine.  I was very ecstatic when I received my first contract.  Ok, I guess I have to elaborate it more starting from the top.

As I have said, I recently acquired my first work.  I have been doing some job hunting (as I have done for the past 3 months) when I saw this post “Copy data from website to spreadsheet – F”.  I click the apply button and fill in the necessary information.  I send apply even though I have not met all the qualification the employer needs.  You see, the employer requires a provider who:

(1) Passed MS excel 2003

(2)  Have at least 1 hour in Odesk

(3)  At least 4.5 feedback

(4)  Fluent in English in Written and verbal skills

Of the above criteria, I only met # 4.  So it was a gamble I took.  After a minute or two, I received an email from Scott (he is my employer by the way) asking when can I start and when can I finish.  Being a beginner and a lost soul in Odesk, my reply to him was: “I can start now and I can finish the job within 5 hours.”  Not actually thinking straight if I really could do it within the timeframe.   I thought I could, but as it turned out I completed the job 2 times the 5 hours!  LOL!  In which case he replied saying:  “I have assigned that job.  If you apply for another that you can do in 5 hours I will hire you for that.”  It turns out that Scott needs several providers for the job from A-Z.  Finally he gave me the letter “G” job.

So there!  My very first job in Odesk which earned me $4.50.  Don’t pout though, my rate was $3.00 but I guess Scott likes my work so he gave me a bonus.

Oh! By the way, I have sent an email to Scott saying I could not finish it in 5 hours.  I have attached a file containing my 5 hours of labor.  I also asked him if it’s ok if he can give me an extension so that I can finish it all to which he replied “Pls. continue.  Extra time is ok.  Thanks for letting me know.”  What am I pointing here?  I’m just saying that you should be honest with your employer even if it means you are going to lose some…

I really worked hard on the job Scott gave me.  I want it to be perfect.  That way, I can have my very first feedback and Odesk hour (I’ve worked for fixed rate and realized now that working fixed rate will not earn you hours).   When you are a first timer in Odesk, it’s hard to land a job because employers are not willing or risking hiring a newbie.  I know they have their reasons. But come on! Give the freshmen a break! Some of them might be new in Odesk but outside, I know just like me they have lots to offer.


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3 Responses to My First Job at Odesk: “I’ve finally made it!”

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  2. Gem says:

    Data entry job right? I have encountered a few blog visitors who wondered how working with data entry jobs feels like. I may have to refer them to this post from time to time, if I encounter another inquiry. Thanks.

  3. taritz says:

    Thanks Gem. Actually, before I started out with oDesk, I searched for blogs like yours to see if its legit or not. And its really great that a blog like this could help someone looking for some hard earned money at the comfort of their home.

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